The Base

I needed to change the mannequin to give the overall look a better finish and more futuristic. I glued together four pieces of mdf the turned it on the lathe and turned a hole in the middle for the acrylic pole to slot in. I painted it white so it would be distracting from the piece. I made a wooded piece to slot into the acrylic and drilled a hole into the top of it so I could use the pole from the original stand to keep the mannequin secure.


Who’s my audience?

Who is my audience?

The people who are likely to view and buy my work are people who are able to treat themselves to bespoke hand made jewellery as each piece of jewellery is different if someone wants a unique item then they would be more likely to buy from me rather that jewellery that is mass produced. Also some galleries may be interested by the way I display my jewellery as it is also part of an installation piece. I would say that my audience would mainly be female over 25.

Where does my work sit?

I’ve put my own take on contemporary jewellery, I’ve made something a bit different to what’s out there by using a process to create texture. I would say my work is affordable and could be sold in high street stores such as John Lewis but also in contemporary galleries and shops. Jewellery is a statement that you choose to wear a piece of jewellery that one can wear says a lot about the type of person they are so people aren’t so afraid to spend money on something that they are going to cherish and make a statement about themselves.

Why have I made my show the way it is?

I didn’t want to just hang my jewellery on a wall like they do in most jewellery exhibitions I wanted to make it interesting and different. I wanted so show off my idea with out actually saying this is space themed jewellery. So many jewellery displays are so similar it’s difficult to get inspiration from displays. I feel the way I have hung my show make the pieces seem more interesting and having a meaning behind the jewellery makes them feel more special and unique. There are subtle hints to show that it’s space inspired. I want the audience to really look and enjoy what they’re seeing.


I will be writing my SWOT on inc space, as it’s something I want to do.

Strengths- Use of facilities, good price, helps get your business up and running, helps to keep you in the Cardiff art scene

Weakness- I might not get in.

Opportunities- Potential for collaboration.

Threats- Other people getting the place.



This is my first attempt at putting up my show, I wanted people to be able to walk around the space so it was like they were walking around the galaxy and they could see all the solar systems (pieces of jewellery). But re-looking at it set up  it looks sparse even though I have made about 60 pieces of jewellery, it doesn’t look like it here. The flood light I had bought was a bit yellow and didn’t have a strong enough light as I had hoped.


As the first attempt wasn’t a good as I had thought it would look I needed to change something about it. So I took it all down to re-hang it, I went back to my original idea of having the jewellery hung like an eclipse where there jewellery goes around the body piece creating an orbit. By doing this you can still see all the jewellery it looks a lot more full which I wanted. I bought a brighter flood light and attached it to my plinth so the shadows that are created on the back wall are brighter and more vivid. The image above is not the final or completed outcome that’s to be seen in the final show so when people see it for the first time lit up and to it’s potential you get to see it and hopefully have that wow factor of the first time it’s seen.

I’m glad I managed to put my show up early so I could rectify any changes, as stressful as it was to put the show up and to think your nearly finished to realise it’s not right and having to take it all down and start again I’m glad I did because it looks a lot better and I’m pleased with the final result.

Statement piece


I’m glad I’ve started to use colour in my work I think it really makes the work pop it draws attention to the pieces, I think that it opens my customer base to more people as pieces like this are quite bold.



I thought I’d try something other than jewellery so I decided to make a keyring just to show that I can use the same technique into other applications.


One of my final pieces of work. I’ve really liked pushing myself with the jewellery I’ve made, I’ve made bigger and boulder pieces and playing to my strengths I feel like there is so much more that I can do with this collection the pieces that I have in my show these are just the first of many pieces that I will continue to make.